How To Get Rid Of Carpenter Bees On Your Windsor Township Property

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May 15, 2022

You’ve probably heard of termites before, but did you know there are other wood-destroying pests in Windsor Township? While termites are the most well-known and often the most destructive, other pests can destroy personal belongings and damage the internal structures of your home. 

One of these destructive pests is the carpenter bee. While some bees, like honey bees, are relatively good to have around, carpenter bees cause issues when they nest around your property.

Discover what to do about carpenter bees from the Windsor Township pest control experts in this handbook.

How To Identify A Carpenter Bee

You might think about bees and imagine a species with bright yellow and black stripes, but not all bees have these distinct markings. Carpenter bees are mostly black but have some yellow behind their heads. Their bodies are also primarily smooth except for some fuzz around their heads. 

Another way to identify carpenter bees is by signs of the damage they cause. Carpenter bees don’t consume wooden objects as termites do, but they bore holes into wooden structures. These holes are where they build their nests. You can look for small openings in the exterior of wooden objects and structures, especially around decks, porches, and outbuildings.

Why You Don’t Want Carpenter Bees On Your Property

The good thing about carpenter bees is that they aren’t nearly as destructive as termites. Because they don’t eat wood, they don’t tunnel as deeply. They are also more solitary, so they don’t create sprawling colonies. 

But, despite this, they can still create damage around your property. The more carpenter bees you have around, the more issues they will make. Carpenter bees are especially prone to damaging wooden structures that are damaged or decaying, and they usually tunnel into unpainted and unstained wood. 

You can also implement preventive measures to make your yard less attractive to carpenter bees to mitigate the damage.  

Factors That Attract Carpenter Bees To Your Property

Carpenter bees are much easier to prevent than to remove, so it’s helpful to know some carpenter bee prevention tips. At Lemonade Pest Control LLC, we suggest implementing these measures around your yard:

  • Use paint, varnish, or stains to treat wood around decks, sheds, porches, and other outbuildings.
  • Throw out water-damaged wood or any old, decaying wooden items. 
  • Store firewood and lumber piles at least 30 feet away from the exterior of your home. Ensure that woodpiles are kept dry and stacked in an organized manner. 
  • Remove standing water sources from around the yard.
  • Avoid overplanting flowering kinds of vegetation and avoid overwatering. 
  • Reduce access to bird feeders.
  • Keep pet food stored indoors as the smell could attract bees. 

Keep in mind that carpenter bees don’t eat wood. Instead, they are pollinators, just like other bee species. So, they consume plant nectar. You can reduce carpenter bees and other stinging insects by removing or reducing flowering plants.

The Most Effective Way To Get Rid Of Carpenter Bees

Carpenter bees aren’t as dangerous as other stinging insects like wasps as they aren’t aggressive; however, they will occasionally sting. It’s safest and easiest to rely on the home pest control team at Lemonade Pest Control LLC to remove them. We will assess your property for signs of carpenter bees and carpenter bee damage. Then, we work with you to create a customized plan to remove these bees and keep them from returning.

All you need to do is reach out. Call us or send an online message to request a quote and get started.

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